Wawatay News :: The Times They Are A-Changin’ … again

Recently I was involved in a discussion with my partner and some of his friends who came of age in the 1960s. Our discussion was all about how upside down the world is these days with wars going on in the Ukraine and Gaza killing many thousands of people and destroying cities. It is interesting to hear from people who grew up in the 1960s and 70s because they bring an historical background to what is happening now. Many people I know were part of the hippie and counter culture movement of the time.

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Wawatay News :: In The Spirit Of The Traditional Hunt

It looks like the swallows are back and that is a sure sign of spring and warmer weather to come. A couple of weeks ago I heard the honking of Niska (Canada geese) as they paused to take a break on the field behind our house here in Kirkland Lake. They seemed to have moved on now and have arrived at their summer destinations on the shore of James Bay.

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Timmins Press :: Time Keeps On Slipping

I have learned a few things in being on this earth for almost 5 decades and one of them is to live in the moment. Ever since my partner ended up with a lung disease I have been even more aware of how important it is to savour life, be kind as much as possible and to find joy in the work you do. This is not always easy but I find it leads to a more happy existence.

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Wawatay News :: Working Together Brings Great Results

There have been so many changes over the past couple of decades for Indigenous First Nations and I am amazed at how life has changed for many people. Most of the changes have been for the good and that of course has to do with more access to education and employment opportunities. Sadly, we have also experienced a terrible time of drug addiction in our communities that have made life difficult for a lot of people and many have died.

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Wawatay News :: The Ice Roads Are Melting

Extreme cold weather is part of life every winter on the James Bay coast. The cold was normal for my parents who were both born on the land during a time when people didn’t have very much. My late father Marius Kataquapit was a trapper and hunter that learned to live and thrive on the land from the time he was a child.

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Windspeaker :: Valentine’s Day and the power of love

We celebrate Valentine’s Day with wishes for those we are romantically interested in or, in general, for good greetings to family and friends. However, the history of this day, which is celebrated on Feb. 14, is very different. Everyone grows up with the annual traditions that their parents followed without question. It is strange to follow long-standing European traditions when you come from an Indigenous background.

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Timmins Press :: We Might Need A Miracle

It was good to see recent developments by northern Indigenous political leadership to deal with the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse and the dire situation of suicide primarily by young Native people in northern Ontario. I know we are all fed up with watching so many of our family members and friends becoming helpless with addictions and the resulting violence in our northern First Nations. We are also feeling helpless with so many of our people dealing with mental health issues.

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Wawatay News :: We Need To Wake Up

Recently I have been watching news reports on how the left more socialist parties in our country and other parts of the world are being taken over by more conservative, right wing factions and some of this I suspect is also happening in Indigenous political organizations. When I look at political trends and decisions being made by governments, I follow the old saying that states “always follow the money”.

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