Wawatay News :: Kitchi-Meegwetch Wab Kinew

I am feeling a little better about the state of democracy these days thanks to the election of Wab Kinew as Canada’s first Anishinabe Premier. He was elected recently with a majority government in Manitoba. So, congratulations to Wab and his New Democratic Party team and as well thanks to all those members of the voting public who chose to make their decision based on values that have to do with social democratic ideals of sharing, openness, tolerance and caring for everyone, the environment and the future of our planet. The fact that he has promised to save and enhance the public health care system is a bonus.

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Wawatay News :: Mattagami First Nation elects Chief Jennifer Constant

Chief Jennifer Constant has been elected as leader of her home community of Mattagami First Nation. Her recent election marks a lifelong career of working in various roles and positions for her community and on regional First Nation issues over the past two decades.

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Wawatay News :: In The Spirit Of Those Who Have Gone Before Us

I am so tired of losing people I am only in my late 40s but it seems as though most of the people I grew up with my age and even younger are passing away far too often. A generation older than me including my parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents are gone. The whole landscape of my life has changed in what seems like a very short time.

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Timmins Press :: It is time for an Indigenous prime minister

I feel like a survivor at times and there is good reason for that. As an Indigenous person living in this time and country, I have seen so much happen over the past four decades of my life. The sad reality is that I have lost many young and Elders close to me over the years through tragic situations.

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Wawatay News :: The Farmers Are Real Heroes

I have been enjoying all kinds of meat and produce from local farmers here in northern Ontario. This is a time of the year I look forward to because with summer comes all the fresh vegetables like lettuce, celery, cucumbers, carrots and many more green, yellow and red veggies. I like to cook and as my partner has a health issue that restricts our moving around like we once did, much of my time is taken with doing stuff around the house and coming up with interesting meals.

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Timmins Daily Press – School Of Indigenous Learning Welcomes Wabun Youth

‘Attentive and helpful,’ Wabun youth attend wilderness camp, learn survival skills

Indigenous youth came together Aug. 15 to 17 for the 16th Annual Wabun Senior Youth Gathering. The event in Neebing, in western Ontario, was held at the School Of Indigenous Learning (SOIL), a land-based traditional facility.

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Wawatay News :: Traditional Land Based Teachings For Wabun Youth

Indigenous youth from the Wabun Tribal Council territory came together for a land based event at the 16th Annual Wabun Senior Youth Gathering. The event was held in western Ontario in Neebing, Ontario at the School Of Indigenous Learning (SOIL), a land based traditional facility. The week long event from August 15 to 17 was held for youth between the ages of 14 to 18. The event was organized by the Wabun Tribal Council Health Department with the support of the tribal council’s member First Nations.

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Time Is Running Out

It is the time of gatherings and festivals for my people all across Turtle Island. Many Indigenous communities are making the most of summer and also the autumn after not being able to gather much since the Covid19 Pandemic. There are pow wows, traditional gatherings of all sorts, music and fun time events and hundreds of non Indigenous celebrations throughout Canada.

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